GofalGolwg spreading the cost of your eyecare and eyewear GofalGolwg is a health plan covering all professional fees your optometrist feels necessary to look after your eyesight.

GofalGolwg provides you with 30% discount on all spectacle purchases, 15% discount on contact lenses and solutions, plus 10% discount on sunglasses. Just £8.50 per month guarantees full membership and secures the rewards of being a GofalGolwg member.


A new standard in eye examinations
Being your most precious sense, your eyesight deserves the highest standards of care. we are pleased to introduce Gofal Golwg, a new concept in client care. Substancial investment over recent years in the latest opthalmic examination equipment provides the means for a more sophisticated examination than ever before.

This enables us to monitor more accurately the changes that take place in your eyes and also indications in your general health , such as diabetes or high blood pressure.


Examinations available under Gofal Golwg when recomended

  • Our standard comprehensive eye examination.
  • 3 D OCT Scan
  • Daytona Optomap
  • Contact Lens Trial
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy - investigates structures in the front half of the eye (lids, lashes, cornea etc )
  • Digital Retinal Photography - monitors subtle changes that take place in the retina much more accurately.
  • Visual field screening
  • DVLA visual assessment (if required)
  • Emergency appointment

...and, quite importantly, 30% discount off the cost of your spectacles*

The plan costs £8.50 a month for a minimum of two years and is available to all clients. Your eye examination will take approximately half an hour plus any dispensing time.

Alll the supplementary examination involved in Gofal Golwg can be paid for separately should you not wish to join the plan. A list of these are available on request.




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