Contact Lenses
Contact Lenses


We have years of experience in the specialised field of contact lenses. If you've decided that contact lenses are for you, we offer a careful fitting service, and regular after care which is essential for a contact lens wearer.


Which Lens?
A choice of lenses is available. We will be able to advise you which lens will suit your lifestyle.

Soft Lenses - The most popular form of lens due to excellent comfort and high oxygen permeability with the most recent materials. They come in daily or monthly disposable form, depending on your needs – and cover the vast majority of prescriptions.

RGP/Hard Lenses - Initially not as comfortable as soft lenses, however they are still very useful in correcting more complex prescriptions.

Multifocal Contact Lenses - Now available in Soft and RGP lenses. If you are finding it frustrating having to wear reading glasses over your contact lenses, these lenses can provide functional distance and near vision, leaving you free from glasses! Ask your Optometrist about a Multifocal trial.

All our Contact Lens Scheme patients receive ALL the benefits of Gofal Golwg - including 30% discount off their glasses.


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